July 19, 2005

Comments on Tagging Extension 1.1 of Oddmuse Wiki

I specify my $TagUrl = 'http://localhost/cgi-bin/'; (in

That will perform searching those wiki pages with the same tag.

the followingis my prefer css for tagging extension

a.tag { text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal; border-style:dotted; border-width:0px; color:#FF471A; padding-left: 20px; background-image: url(""); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: left; }

the result will be

* Oddmuse: Comments on Tagging Extension

June 30, 2005

the authoring of greeting cards and creative commons 1.0

I observed my colleague making the gretting cards by the commercial authoring software. Fisrt she selected the background, margin, icons from the template pools. After the modification these elements and text inputing, the gretting card was finished through piecing all elements together. It let me think what the condition using the open source authoring software will be. We may using the browser with its extensions to search, browse, import, and modify various card elements from different online repositories.

The author of derivative works will met a strange condition. If s/he obey the CC 2.0 attribution license , s/he should cited many resources of elements. It's almost impossible to cite each name of original providers on a small card.

The provider of elements still can declare his/her works do not need attribution. They can follow CC 1.0 licenses such as NonCommercial 1.0, ShareAlike 1.0, or NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0. Although it's not easy to choose these 'expired' license for the current interface on the

Related article
* Announcing (and explaining) our new 2.0 licenses by Glenn Otis Brown on 2004-05-25

May 2, 2005

the possible solutions of not found webpage

== find the backup ==
=== you can keyin the address to find the backup ===
* Google cache

* Internet Archive Wayback Machine*/address

=== you can keyin the title of webpage ===

* the search engine of local website

* using the site search by Google or Openfind

Usage: title site:address
ex: Workflow Management System
not suggest

* sometimes, other people kept the backup at their webstie

* browse the internet temporatory files at personal PC
location of IE:C:\Documents and Settings\account name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
loation of other browser: click this link

== correct the mistake of address ==
=== write the symbol / as \ (sometimes it appeals %5C ) ===
(W) means Wrong; (C) means Correct





=== the wrong hierarchy of directory ===


The author points the webpage to their hard disk, we may correct this by referring to the hierarchy of website directories.

(W) file:///C:/folder1/floder2/bb/file.htm

From the menu of homepage, we may understand the hierarchy of website. For example, there are three directories, ex: aa, bb. So we correct as following,
(C) http://website.url/bb/file.htm

=== the transferring of 3rd website failed ===
Some blog will refer to external links but the transferring failed.
(W) http://website.url/


== Above methods are failed ==
Write an email to the author of that website :)

PS: the tools/services of webpage backup
(1) tools
* the Mozilla FireFox: ScrapBook

(2)web services
* LookSmart's Furl with bookmarklet tools
* Yahoo My Web: Save the queried webpage

Note that the license of this article is the same with Wiki version: Creative Commons (Name attribution - non commercial)。

Updated 2005-12-08: add the cache location of other browser

December 11, 2004

Tool for Electronic References of APA Style: Copy URL+

Use the extension Copy Url+ of Firefox to write those elctronic references of APA Style.

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October 15, 2004

Gmail Atom Feeds

如何加上自己的Gmail Atom Feeds(圖例) 或者是

alex king(2004-10-13):

Gmail Atom Feeds的網址

https://帳號名稱[email protected]/gmail/feed/atom

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June 20, 2004

Blog as a way


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June 19, 2004

100 words to describe Wiki or Blog

Image came from Wikipedia

Sometimes some friends asked me what is Wiki or Blog? It's not easy to describe them in couples minutes. Because these "technologies" is still in developmental, sometimes we are not discover them, but to construct their form/styles.

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December 22, 2003

the possibility of social software

If the social software was defined as the media/tools to prompt social activities, than social software is not first created. By means of BBS, Email, Messenger and other software also help us to expand the networks of relationship. But is the social software has another possibility to involve the public region?

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July 7, 2003

Google also cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction (上Google也找不到毀滅武器)

If you key in the keywords "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in google search engine, the result page will displace a funny webpage.

--> Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction

Related News: Even Google has problems finding weapons of mass destruction By Sam Varghese, July 4 2003

還記得美國小布希是怎麼羞辱聯合國安理會嗎?小布希不相信安理會的武器檢查報告,非常堅信伊拉克有大規模毀滅性武器(Weapons of Mass Destruction),但是戰爭打完了仍然遲遲沒有找到大規模毀滅性武器,用Google輸入關鍵字Weapons of Mass Destruction,可以找到一個有趣的「找不到網頁」。

相關新聞:上Google也找不到毀滅武器 - 蘋果日報, 2003年7月6日

July 6, 2003

blog @ netfirms

(1) RSS will not be functional
I established my second blog here. Unfortunately, the RSS was destroyed by the AD created automatedly by It results in the RSS cannot pass the validation.

(2) 500 internal server error
When I save the article or rebuild index file, I often met the message "500 error." Sometimes, I can neglect this message because it does save my article,but somtimes it failed. So refresh and check the homepage of your blog!

(詳見Weblog使用 netfirms 的小缺點。

updated: 2003-7-7